Valley Radiology Imaging (VRI) offers the most modern imaging technology for medical imaging. All of our facilities and staff are accredited by the American College of Radiology, and licensed in the state of California.



Radiological Procedure List

For a listing of tests offered at each of our Imaging Centers, please visit our VRI matrix.

For further information on the preparation and procedure for your study, please click on the relevant link below:


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Diagnostic Imaging


Breast Imaging

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Fluoroscopic Procedures


Other Procedures

  • Bakers Cyst Aspiration (Ultrasound-guided)
  • Intra-articular steroid injections (joint pain relief)
  • If you’re procedure is not listed above please click here for more information


Patient Forms

If you desire, feel free to complete and fill the appropriate forms below before your visit. We are happy to provide additional forms or answer any questions you may have during your visit.


All new patients must fill out our General Registration Form. No additional forms are necessary for ultrasound or X-ray. If you’ve had a test previously at VRI this form is not required.


When scheduling your CT examination, our patient scheduling representatives will ask you important questions regarding your exam during pre-screening to ensure safety and accuracy. In addition, the CT Patient History Form (click here for Spanish version) is required for all CTs. Finally, if your test is with IV contrast you must also complete the CT IV Contrast Informed Consent (click here for Spanish version).


When scheduling your MRI examination, our patient scheduling representatives will ask you important questions regarding your exam during pre-screening to ensure safety and accuracy. In addition, the MRI Patient History & Consent Form (click here for Spanish version) is required for all MRIs. It is very important to fill these forms out with care as the high magnetic fields in MRI can be dangerous with certain types of implantable devices. Please locate and bring all of your medical device manufacturer cards with you if you have had prior surgeries or device implantations.


Prior to your mammogram you will be asked to fill out the Mammogram History Form. It is very important to fill this form accurately for the best quality mammographic interpretation by your Radiologist physician.


The DEXA Questionnaire is required prior to your DEXA exam for proper evaluation and an accurate assessment of your 10 year fracture risk.


High quality PET/CT requires excellent blood sugar control for optimal results. Please review and follow our General Instructions Document before your test. The PET/CT Questionnaire, Anatomic History Document, and Consent Form are required for the test. Finally, for those with diabetes, it is critical to follow the PET/CT Diabetic Instructions as a high sugar level at the time of the exam could potentially require a cancellation of the test.


Please use our Medical Records Release Request Form to either request your medical records from VRI or to grant VRI permission to acquire your prior exams from an outside facility.



Low Cash Rates

At VRI we strive to accommodate all patients regardless of their financial means. For those without health insurance, or with high deductible plans, please contact us to inquire about our low cash rates. You will likely find that we provide the lowest priced radiology services in the area.



Radiation Exposure

At VRI, we take radiation exposure very seriously. We work with our physicists to ensure we are practicing ALARA, which is the principle of “As Low As Reasonably Achievable,” as recommended by the American College of Radiology.

For more information on the risks of radiation exposure from radiological procedures, please refer to for patients compiled by the American College of Radiology as well as sponsored by the American Society or Radiologic Technologists.





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