7 April, 2016

New MRI Upgrades at Valley Radiology Imaging - Samariatan

New MRI Upgrades

RadNet is happy to announce a new upgrade to our MRI services. Thanks to a state-of-the-art upgrade, the most recent advanced in neurological imaging are now available at Valley Radiology – Samaritan. Neuroradiology is an important focus in the radiology sector. It allows doctors to image a patient’s brain and check for early signs of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. With these new upgrades, our radiologists will be able to diagnose brain conditions with better precision and accuracy. New upgrades to our MRI service include:

IDEAL Sequence

The IDEAL sequence reduces the amount of fat that shows up in that image. This is very important in neck and brachial plexus imaging, as neck imaging could not be performed with previous 3T MRIs. Any abnormalities are now much easier to see.

TRICKS Angiography

TRICKS time resolved MR Angiography uses rapid acquisition technology with contrast to provide a clearer image of arteries in the brain. This is useful in finding aneurysms and in identifying draining veins.


3D Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL) allows doctors to look at blood flow in the brain without the use of contrast dye. To date, 3D ASL is the best method to find vascular shunt lesions in the brain.


Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) lets doctors assess white matter in the brain. This technology is used for pre-operation brain tumor surgery, but may also one day be used in the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injuries.

CUBE 2.0

CUBE 2.0 technology is now being used on all 3T brain imaging at Valley Radiology Imaging. This technology allows to doctors to get a clearer image of the brain without fat getting in the way.

We look forward to utilizing this great technology to help us diagnose and treat our patients.

7 April, 2016

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